"We'll build your business a website to capture data, a CRM to store it and a campaign page to sell it. That's 3 successful steps to more profit and more customers."


"Does your website put your business and customers first?"

"Do you think the design came first before your customer?"

"Does your website work?"

These are uncomfortable questions, but you're not alone; an awful lot of websites don't work.

If you're a business owner, this is important - Do you have that niggling doubt running through your head that yours just isn't doing what you hoped? Is it enough to keep you awake at night because after all, you've spent your time, your efforts and your resources on it? No one told you how much work was involved, did they? No one said, "this might not be the best website for you because it's not building a relationship with your visitors".

They're a bit like cars. In the beginning it's all about the exterior, the make, the model, the shape, the new lines, the shiny-ness of it. But we know that most of the time it wears off because then it's all about the comfort, the smooth gear changes, the road handling. As much as YOU might admire the look of your car,  the point is that it's for driving around in. In reality, very few are there to be stared at and the same goes for your website. It's there to serve a purpose and no matter how beautiful your design is, FAILING TO MAKE ANY MONEY FROM IT IS FAILING A PART OF YOUR BUSINESS!

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