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"National classic car insurance company puts
their web development in Overbyte's hands"


"Family owned UK manufacturer works with
Overbyte for the 10th year"


What if you could make sure that your website didn’t fail?

Overbyte Interactive

We've spent the last 10 years working with business owners to do just that.

In the early days, we mostly worked behind closed doors as we became the technical arm to a number of design agencies, spreading our Internet experience as far as Australia and as close as next door. Latterly though, we've gathered a cohort of clients that we're selfishly keeping to ourselves and it's led us through the door of so many industries.

At the heart of many websites is a business. A simple statement but a fact that is so often overlooked. I'm Lou Crane and at Overbyte we create websites, change them or grow them to support your business.

We recognise 2 things: 1. websites are often design-led, not business-led and 2. there's no ongoing education and guidance to dig deep and achieve your goals once the site is done.

That's the first error. A website by its very nature is never 'done'. We used to think people  would be OK after the launch was completed. We were so wrong. That's when you needed us most. We also learnt to drop the technical language until we'd given you a good start.

The next step was to add in a CRM (Customer Relationship Management system) to get all your website contacts organised to begin your marketing, then a landing page template for all your promotions, specials, info shout-outs, and finally, our Web Expert System that takes you through the process step by step to keep your web supplier honest and you in control.

This is included for free in every web project we do because it's more than just a few pretty pages online.

How we helped a furniture manufacturer develop a self service system

Overbyte Interactive

DAMS had been working successfully with their distribution customers for a while when they realised they needed to differentiate from the competition. So, what if they could offer their customers high quality marketing to send out as a PDF? It would mean that they'd impress their end customers with professional presentation which no other business was doing and it also promoted constant communication between all parties.

We developed their Marketing Manager. Their customers love it. We've got the system working quickly  and simply and they are producing design-house quality material which competitors cannot keep up with.

"We have a trusted and long-standing working relationship with Overbyte, starting in 2005.

Most recently we engaged them to redevelop a complex website, allowing our clients to generate marketing pdf files. Completely re-engineered to contemporary standards and delivered to time and budget, the result is a much faster, well considered system letting our customers work faster and more efficiently.

Overbyte's approach centres around excellent software engineering, considered user interface design, insightful solutions to any problems and solid customer service. We would always recommend their work."
Chris Ellison, Marketing Manager

Why we were trusted to take charge of Carole Nash’s cherished site

Overbyte Interactive

Carole Nash launched their classic car insurance in 2012 and needed a website to match its business expectations. There was a very tight schedule to get it ready in time for the car show exhibition and at that point, nobody knew the response we would get from these very particular customers who put a lot of love into their cars.

We got there together and started planning how the site would keep visitors excited and loving the information as much as their cars. Over the next few years, the marketing team came to us with ideas for making the site community based, encouraging returns and becoming a central source of information. It's growing constantly and having us there on a monthly basis is certainly an astute way to keep up the momentum

"When Overbyte pitched for the development of our website, they were the obvious choice for us.
There were no restrictions on what we wanted to do… This has enabled them to make recommendations
on different approaches, always translating very technical aspects of web development into more human terms.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Overbyte"
Dawn Holmes, Marketing Manager at Carole Nash, Cherished Car Insurance

We know that business comes first

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