Enterprise Resource Planning

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Here's what they loved

Our client
Wwas looking to retire and wanted to leave the business with more collaterol than the skill of the workforce.

Challenges and decisions
The immediate goals were to centralise the flow of data and ensure everyone had access at the level they needed it. Some time later, what they now have are very sophisticated and powerful integrated systems that run the operations with absolute precision.

The industry they operate in is highly regulated and bespoke so their software needed to reflect those strict standards as errors could have incredibly grave outcomes.

Making changes
As the business has a number of in-house processes, the systems have been built so that daily activity has little downtime and we have dedicated significant time to test periods.

To build efficiency into the business which then would have a positive impact on staff and budget, we ran short sprints of development as anything more than that would add complexity into the client's planning and understanding. We moved through warehousing, stock control, quotes, invoicing, account management and communications.

It's a piece of software that mirrors the business operations in such fine detail that it allows deep analysis and a workflow that is so streamlined and effective that it's been a pleasure to see the client's goals in their most tangible form.