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Some questions and answers


No, it would be very unusual to know every detail at the outset. We will run our vision program with you which will take us from your concept to a workable project plan. You will find a lot of flexibility along the way too so if you've had a change of workforce or process, we can reflect this in the software as we go. The important thing is that you won't feel restricted by an earlier decision.

Yes, absolutely. Even if you don't know your future needs, we will design with growth in mind so that you're not backed into a corner. Sometimes our guidance may feel counter-intuitive to how you currently operate, but it will be with a larger, future product in mind.

Every time. Our software is bespoke and so is our relationship with you. You will work with a senior architect, a developer and a project manager and you will have personal access to all 3. We always respond the same day to your queries and will keep you up to date on all project activity each week through our reports.

Yes and depending on the size and scale of your project with us, we will tailor a support program (a service level agreement) to assist your team and product.

We offer the following reassurances:

On the spot bug fixing

Database maintenance or assistance with your provider

Security updates and knowledge sharing

Additional training or support in operating the functionality

Project meetings

Really helpful and responsive people at this end to get any questions or issues resolved as quickly a possible


Yes. We can build standalone solutions of any size that solve process or admin issues. It's up to you how much the software forms a part of the whole and how far it integrates with exisiting systems.

Before starting any build, we investigate your current operations and intentions. Where possible, we will integrate your systems so that you have a closed cycle of data. However, some older software may not be so straightforward but we will help you to analyse the options and workarounds as you move towards centralised processes.

We've put together a guide to help you determine where your project might sit budget-wise

Your software development costs