Due dilligence


No matter what your investment, it’s only reasonable that you want to know some more details about who Overbyte is and a few fact-based answers. For anything that’s not shown here, have a look at the bottom of the Resources page http://www.overbyteinteractive.com/resources/ for the questions clients ask us or email hello@overbyteinteractive.com and we’ll happily help.

Full name of company:
Overbyte Interactive Ltd

How are you structured:
A Limited Company of England and Wales 05414565 with 2 directors and company secretary

How many years have you been trading:
14 years

How many people do you employ:
2 directors with a portfolio of freelance developers who range from post-grad, new technology developers to senior level business architects

What insurance do you have in place:
Professional Indemnity £1,000,000

What experience do you have?
Aside from developer-level skills, we support each project with 14 years of business knowledge, systems' analysis, a deep understanding of business operations and client need for timliness and transparency.

Have you always built software?
Prior to starting Overbyte, we had corporate development experience alongside education and marketing. However, for the first 5 years of Overbyte's life, more of our projects were website-based but dealing with the backend technologies for creative agencies who had no technical experience. The result was that we worked for some big names but always in the background. It was an easy decision to head back to our core skill as this is where our passion lies.

What differentiates you from other software consultancies?
1. We’re a bespoke company, providing bespoke products so your experience is 1 on 1 with no call centres, no tickets in queues and we often like to visit your office.
2. You always own the software we build for you so you’ll never have to pay subsciptions or licence fees.
3. We offer a referral discount because this is the way we prefer to build our client base. For more info on how you can benefit from this, email lou@overbyteinteractive.com

How would your clients describe you?
Dedicated, nothing’s above and beyond our help and incredibly supportive.

What technologies do you employ?
We are Microsoft developers which means we develop on the .NET framework

Do you include documentation?
Yes, all our code is in-line documented and easily understood by any qualified developer. If you’d like us to write documentation for your in-house use, we can certainly do that.

What are your future plans for Overbyte?
ISO accreditations and Cyber Security. These are two areas we would like to invest in during 2019 as well as the appointment of a further Director

What’s the best way to communicate with you?
We are open to communicate however best suits you. We can have video calls (we use Zoom), phone calls, emails, texts, lunches, use apps, office meetings or a trip to the zoo! It’s different for each project and we’ll tailor the how/where/when to your needs.

How do you deal with illness or absence in the middle of a project?
The benefit of having a great freelance resource is that there’s always someone to cover and hop onto a project. To emmulate that through permanent developers would require a sizeable team.

How do you work with your clients?
We collaborate and talk a lot.

Do you have a set of T&Cs?
Yes, please email hello@overbyteinteractive.com

Is all work covered by a contract?
Yes and we will go through it with you if required

What is the support package you offer?
6 month’s free support after a new build and then 10% of your project cost payable annually.